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lgt_langues_Ramsgate’s stay - March 2018

lundi 26 mars 2018, par Histoire/Géographie


Séjour linguistique à Ramsgate du 20 au 26 mars 2018... au programme ... entre autres...atelier de corderie et visite du musée Turner.

Commentaires d’élèves :

« It allowed me to meet people, French and English and discover a beautiful country, I particularly enjoyed visiting Leeds Castle with its huge park, animals and labyrinth as well as the workshop in Margate which was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed the time spent with teachers, making new friends, our endless card games, the amazing family and our unforgettable songs on the bus.” (Léa P.)
“I will never forget the family I was staying with, they were so warm and adorable. I am still in touch with them today. We hope we will go back there soon.” (Laurie A.)
“What I preferred during this trip was to visit the Chattam Clarendon Grammar School, it was really interesting to discover a different way of learning and studying…I especially loved my host family, Gill and Steeve Clarke, they were just amazing and so polite and nice with us. We could talk and learn a lot of things.”” (Claudie P.)
“Living with the host family was very beneficial, it allowed me to improve my grammar and to improve in English. Thank you for making this trip possible.”


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