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Traduction de l’exposition Varian Fry

mardi 8 octobre 2013, par Vie scolaire LGT

L’an dernier, les élèves de 1ère L1L2, 1ère L2 LVA, 1ère STMG Euro et Terminale STG Euro de Mme Peyrano ont traduit en anglais les panneaux de l’exposition Varian Fry en partenariat avec les élèves de Mme Buffard du Lycée La Fourragère à Marseille.

À l’occasion de l’exposition et du colloque « Varian Fry à Marseille : La culture de l’Europe en exil (1940-1942) » ils en ont été remercié publiquement le 1 Octobre 2013 au cours de la conférence « Varian Fry - Yesterday and Today : Rediscovering the Villa Air-Bel ».

Sur le site MP2013, tout sur le colloque et l’exposition.

En savoir plus sur la Villa Air Bel et sa reconstitution virtuelle

En savoir plus surla Villa Air Bel et sa reconstitution virtuelle

Des extraits des traductions :

An American youth
Who was Varian Fry ?
Varian Mackey Fry was born in New York on October, 15 1907. During the Second World War, he was assigned, by the Emergency Rescue Committee (ERC), a humanitarian mission in France to help political refugees, mainly writers and artists, find a temporary refuge and prepare their departure for exile. He stayed in France between 1940 and 1941 and created in Marseilles, the American Relief Centre (ARC), but he was arrested, deported by the Vichy police and sent back to the United States. The Fry Committee continued its work until the ARC was arbitrarily closed down by the Prefecture on June, 2 1942. Varian Fry published his memoirs in 1945. They were entitled Surrender on Demand. In 1964, he was responsible for the publication of a volume of lithographs to commemorate the rescue of intellectuals and artists during the war. He died in Easton (Connecticut) on September 13, 1967.

The American Center of Emergency for the assistance to refugees

The staff and the offices of the Fry Committee
Varian Fry founded the American Center Relief (ACR) in August 1940 to help refugees survive, offer them some hiding, assist them in their administrative procedures for a departure to a new exile. He considered that humanitarian action was crucial, but did not hesitate to say that it was also a "cover" for underground activities, because of the policy of discrimination of Vichy against foreigners or Jews. Yet the ACR was prosperous in Marseilles. He first settled in 60 Grignan Street, in October 1940, then 18, Garibaldi Boulevard from January 1941. Varian Fry worked with twenty people, receiving an average of 120 visitors a day. He knew how to surround himself with trustworthy people, like Albert O. Hirschman, his « specialist in illegal business," and Daniel Bénédite, his administrator and accountant.

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